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AVALI avali, a rivistablog primurosa di u spannamentu di a pruduzzioni litteraria corsa d’oghji, ma à tempu locu di baratti è di critica suciali.

If there was no government




If there was no government, wouldn't there be chaos

Everybody running round, setting petrol bombs off ?

And if there was no police force, tell me what you'd do

If thirty thousand rioters came running after you ?

And who would clean the sewers ? Who'd mend my television ?

Wouldn't people lay about without some supervision ?

Who'd drive the fire engines ? Who'd fix my video ?

If there were no prisons, well, where would robbers go ?


And what if I told you to Fuck Off ?


What if there's no army to stop a big invasion ?

Who'd clean the bogs and sweep the floors ? We'd have all immigration.

Who'd pull the pint at the local pub ? Where'd I get my fags ?

Who'd empty out my dustbins ? Would I still get plastic bags ?

If there were no hospitals, and no doctors too,

If I'd broken both my legs, where would I run to ?

If there's no medication, if there were no nurses,

Wouldn't people die a lot ? And who would drive the hearses ?


And what if I told you to Fuck Off?


If there were no butchers shops, what would people eat ?

You'd have everybody starving if they didn't get their meat.

If there was no water, what would people drink ?

Who'd flush away the you-know-what ? But of course MINE never stink.

What about the children ? Who'd teach them in the schools ?

Who'd make the beggers keep in line ? Learn them all the rules ?

Who's tell us whitewash windows ? When to take down doors ?

Tell us make a flask of tea and survive the holocaust ?


Una canzona di u gruppu punk inglesu Crass, pà 'ssi tempi d'alizzioni... 



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